Catering Equipment for Burger Restaurants

It’s no secret that most people enjoy a good burger with chips. It is a tasty fast food meal that is filling and most enjoyable. Each burger restaurant has its own special recipe that attracts customers. For this reason, these establishments must have reliable catering equipment that is able to prepare the food quickly yet consistently.

Here is the fastest reliable catering equipment for burger restaurants.

· Anvil Flat Top Grill. An Anvil Flat Top Grill gives you the flexibility to grill burger patties, tomato slices, bacon, sausages, as well as other burger toppings over a large surface. This saves you time as well as cleaning efforts because you don’t need to use a separate pan for all the items to be grilled.

· French Fry Cutter. Burgers are normally paired with chips and a drink to complete a meal. In order to cut down on time when it comes to the preparation of the chips you will need a French Fry Cutter. This clever catering equipment cuts the potatoes into perfect chips in one swift move.

· Anvil Fryer. A fryer such as the Anvil Fryer is a powerful and reliable unit. This particular fryer has two tanks that have a capacity of 8 litres each and can fry up to 10 kilograms of chips per hour. So you can fry chips in the two tanks simultaneously. It also has a valve which is fitted for the easy draining of the oil.

· Chip Dump. A Chip Dump is a wonderful piece of catering equipment that keeps the chips warm before serving. The Anvil Chip Dump is fitted with a lamp that illuminates the chips for enhanced presentation plus it has a sloped drip tray that makes serving easier.

· Patty Machine. Making your own burger patties with the special ingredients is what makes your burgers unique. In addition, you will require a Patty Machine. You can prepare the patty according to your specifications then place it in the Patty Machine to form a perfectly circular burger. Each patty that you make will be in exactly the same form.

· Bun Toaster. Toasted buns make a burger so much more delicious. The Anvil Vertical Bun Toaster also speeds up the process by means of a heavy duty stainless steel wire conveyor belt system. It has a variable heating control and a 6 position thickness setting.

Being fast, consistent, and reliable is what customers look for in a burger restaurant. Consequently, the catering equipment has to match these expectations in order for the establishment to be successful.